Coworking Space Bali, Cheap Vacation At Denpasar Beach And Work Top#1

By | 02/10/2021
Coworking Space Bali, the best coworking space in bali Vacation At Denpasar Beach And Work

Coworking Space Bali, Denpasar The Most Recommended Outdoor Workplace If You Are In Indonesia


Coworking space Bali Denpasar, a top recommended place to work outside the office – JagoSolution.COM. Coworking Space Bali – Have you ever visited Bali to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Kuta, or traveled around Denpasar?


Oh yes, Bali is an island in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago. And Indonesia itself, located in Southeast Asia.


The island of Bali is well known in foreign countries, many foreign tourists visit the island of Bali. In addition to the many sights and natural panoramas, Bali also has other interesting places.


Coworking Space Bali


In Bali, there are lots of luxury hotels, which offer five-star service. So if you are visiting or traveling in Bali you will not be confused with a temporary place to stay.


For those of you who travel while working, there are lots of Bali Coworking Spaces that offer the most comfortable services.


Do you like working in a coworking space Bali instead of working in an office all day, maybe this is the reason:


  • Generally, the internet is faster than at home or a cafe


  • Can meet many new friends who are ‘connected’ to work with


  • There are often seminars that make us more open-minded and many new ideas emerge


This time, JagoSolution.COM will share interesting information about the Best Coworking Space Bali. Let’s just discuss the information.


The Best Coworking Spaces in Bali



Coworking Space Bali, the best Coworking Space in Bali Vacation At Denpasar Beach And Work - google ads service

Coworking Space Bali, Vacation At Denpasar Beach And Work – JagoSolution.COM

Here are Some of The Best Coworking Spaces in Bali


  • Hubud Coworking Space Bali


This is one of the pioneers of the Digital Nomad lifestyle in Bali. With the most strategic location, which is in the heart of Ubud, exactly opposite the Monkey Forest, Hubud is an option for some ex-pats in Ubud.


What makes the Hubud coworking space unique?


Generally, coworking is usually full indoor surrounded by walls and glass, right? However, Hubud’s architecture is made of bamboo with the idea of ​​semi-outdoor PLUS a panoramic view of the rice fields.


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But what makes Hubud very happy is the community of people who ‘work’ in this place. Apart from being friendly, there are many who want to help us if we are stuck at work. Oh yes, and the wifi is fast, JagoSolution.COM friends!


If you have the idea of ​​moving to Bali and living in Ubud, you can often stop by Hubud. They often hold seminars and workshops about technology. The point is it’s really digital! The price of the Daily Pass starts from Rp. 220,000 per day and the most expensive package (no hours limit) is Rp. 2.9 million.


  • Dojo Bali Coworking


Furthermore, this is one of the most popular Coworking Spaces in Canggu. How about, they have their own cafe and swimming pool.


Besides that, the internet at the Dojo is one of the most reliable in my opinion. Speed ​​is fast and rarely has problems. And, there are many and frequent events at the Dojo. Almost every day there are great moments… Starting from classes that teach new skills to gatherings with members (eg BBQ together).


Oh yes, the same as in Hubud. Some of the people who work here are generally ex-pats but are really friendly. Feels like family.


How long ago did this Dojo and Hubud work together, JagoSolution.COM pal. So if you register as a member at the Dojo, you can use the Hubud facility as well. Wow… that’s great, so we have offices in Ubud and Canggu as well.


In terms of price, Dojo and Hubud are exactly the same, mate, JagoSolution.COM. Because there may be a mechanism of cooperation that has just been described above.


Eh, they said there was an elite boarding house. The cool language of Co-Living. It’s quite expensive to live in, actually, because the price is above Rp.10 million / month. But you get free unlimited access to the Dojo. Great, right?


  • Outpost Bali Coworking


It is not surprising that this Outpost was awarded the best Coworking Space in Bali by the website. Apart from that, the facilities are the same as the 2 competitors above, Outpost has the most branches in Bali. Until now, they have 3 locations, two in Ubud and one in Canggu.


It has a shape that is almost similar to an overseas startup-style office. With the idea of ​​an open plan, it’s quite fun to work as well as network.


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The workplace options also vary. Starting from the indoor where the air conditioner is really cold, to the quiet area specially made for those of you who want to work without problems.


There is a small cafe that is ready to serve a cup of coffee and snacks when hunger inhibits.


Hot and sultry? They have a swimming pool like the Dojo. In terms of price, this Outpost is a bit more pocket-friendly than Hubud and Dojo. Their prices start from Rp. 220,000 for the daily pass, but Rp 2.7 million for the month. The slight difference is not a problem.


  • Kinship Studio Bali


Fourth, there is Kinship Studio, this concept is like a studio in Melbourne. The Kinship Studio building used to be a remnant of a garment factory, mate, JagoSolution.COM. The owner himself built this because he had difficulty finding a suitable co-working space for his work mobility during his three years living in Bali.


Kinship Studio is suitable for those of you who want to find a creative community in Bali because several facilities are prepared such as photo studios, exhibition rooms, and large open spaces or Communal Space on good terms.


If you are active in the community, don’t forget to write down the calendar of the workshop events they often hold. Increase knowledge and add friends, right?


The daily pass price here is Rp. 220.000,- you can use it from 8 am to 8 pm, mate JagoSolution.COM. If monthly, with a price of Rp. 2 Million. You can also take a detached studio package according to your needs.


  • G88 Coworking Space Bali


The fifth is G88 Coworking Space. Your life can be really balanced if you work at G88, Coworking is next to the De Gym health center (perfect next to your workspace)! Fees are separate, though, JagoSolution.COM friends.


In this place, there is a co-working place that is affordable, starting from 100 thousand per day or Rp. 1.750.000,- for a monthly fee. No need to worry about not getting a place, because the workplace is very spacious plus the internet is super fast!


Coworking space : Coworking Space USA Most Recommended Place For You To Visit


Even better for you, every 4 o’clock when you’re super sleepy, they provide coffee or tea and toast for FREE! Plus generally, they make live music or DJ Performance on the Rooftop.


It’s great for a networking place, right? Do you want to try visiting to just unwind with friends?




  • Connco Work Hub


Fifth Connco Work Hub. Strolling through the Seminyak area, Connco Work Hub is located at Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu. The good thing is that when we work here, we can find an excuse to have a sunset on the beach before returning home. It’s only a 5-minute walk, friends, JagoSolution.COM The


services at Connco are almost the same and slightly different from other Coworking. But what makes you feel at home and happy, in this place there is a special soundproof meeting room for those of you who want an uninterrupted Conference Call Meeting. Plus the internet is super fast, so you won’t be embarrassed because of buffering with the client.


If you are too lazy to walk to the beach, then you can just swim, mate JagoSolution.COM. The swimming pool can only be used until 4 pm, so there is no disturbance of chaos.


Connco daily pass price is affordable Rp. 180,000,- starting from 6 am to late at night. The recommendation is to take it only monthly if you really have mobility there. The problem is that monthly gets cheaper at prices starting from Ro. 700,000, – up to 3 million only, mate, JagoSolution.COM.


  • Finns Recreation Club


If you say Finns are only for hanging out and clubbing, you are very wrong, JagoSolution.COM pal.


Apparently, Finns Recreation Club has a coworking space which we think is super LUX.


How did it happen? Because this place is a shock when you find out that the daily pass price at Finns Rec Club starts at Rp. 600,000,- per person, wow ……


Indeed, at that price, you can enjoy all Finn’s brand services such as Finns Beach Club, Splash Waterpark, Fitness Center, Cardio Room, Sports Bar, and many others.


But all of that can be done on the same day, so if you want optimal money, you have to be smart in managing your time.


Oh yes, Coworking is open starting from 7 am to 10 pm


  • Canggu District


Friend JagoSolution.COM, If you want to work at once and have a view of the rice fields, you don’t have to go far to Ubud. Please try this Bali coworking space, precisely in the District, which is located in Canggu.


Actually, this is more of a cafe, JagoSolution.COM friend, because there are not many Coworking space facilities such as Meeting Rooms. Only long tables plus semi-outdoors, natural air conditioning hehe……


But don’t worry… The WIFI here is really fast, no buffer!


The place to hang out is in the backyard, there is a gazebo in the garden, it’s more comfortable to work while waiting for the sunset. It’s only sometimes when Bali feels really hot on the skin, maybe it’s suitable for Caucasians, hehe…


For the price, starting from Rp. 44 thousand,- yeah. This is the count/hour, pal JagoSolution.COM. If you want unlimited and are not bothered, pay Rp. 110.000 every day. They have weekly and monthly packages, starting at Rp. 495.000.


  • Tropical Nomad


Tropical Nomad has always been referred to as one of the best coworking spaces in Canggu. This is because, in terms of service, they provide FREE drinks and food, plus permission to bring drinks or food outside.


Because here also rents a Quiet Room on the 2nd floor with a panorama of rice fields and palm trees. Stationery has also been prepared, there is a refrigerator to put cold drinks, plus the office bench is comfortable to use for 6 hours of work!


Coworking space : Phoenix Coworking Space, 5 Cozy Outdoor Office Places


If it’s your first time here, you will be charged a trial price of Rp. 120,000,-. Then it is charged Rp. 180,000, – every day, JagoSolution.COM friends! At Tropical Nomad there are also membership packages for daily, weekly to unlimited which can be taken according to your needs.


The trick is to take unlimited only if your mobility is around Seminyak and Canggu.


  • Biliq Coworking Space in Bali This


A coworking space is like a “home” with super hospitality from the owner. Therefore, it is not strange that Biliq received an award yesterday as the Best Coworking Space 2019. The Densely


The location is suitable in the middle of the crowded area of ​​​​Bali. Not only is the fast internet a favorite, the work spot where you can dip your feet in the mini swimming pool plus the opportunity to have a nap in the tatami area is a pain reliever with lots of deadlines.


When it comes to price, we think it’s still affordable for the size of a Bali coworking space, friends, JagoSolution.COM. Here it is Rp. 500,- per minute or Rp. 30.000,- /hour.


Biliq has convenience if you are still confused about finding a boarding house, the name is Biliq Co-Living. If you have spent the night at Co-Living, you are free to have access to the Coworking space. The price for the night per night at the official price of Rp. 350.000,- quite affordable for the Bali tourist area.



Closing Review About Some of the Best Coworking Spaces Bali


That’s the reference for Coworking Space Bali, Vacation At Denpasar Beach And Work. Working while hanging out is indeed very fun, this is because the atmosphere of tiring work is no longer felt even though your work is chasing targets.


One of them, by working outside the office as in Bali, there are many Balinese coworking spaces that are ready to pamper you and your co-workers even if you work all day.


Always remember to obey health protocols by using a mask and don’t forget to wash your hands with soap in running water before entering the Bali coworking space area.


Keep up-to-date business and technology ideas on the site JagoSolution.COM, and appreciate this information by sharing it with your colleagues or friends, thank you.


Attention: For Bali, Coworking Space Bali Rental Prices are subject to change, prepare Indonesian money (Rp) so that it is easy for you to transact when visiting Bali.


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