Coworking Space Jakarta, 1 Best Property Business In Indonesia

By | 14/09/2021
Coworking Space Jakarta, best Coworking Space Jakarta, Coworking Space Jakarta Modern Property Business in Indonesia

Coworking Space Jakarta Modern Property Business in Indonesia Right Now Because Jakarta Is Getting Busy With Offices


Coworking Space Jakarta Modern Property Business in Indonesia Right Now Because Jakarta Is Getting Busy With Offices – JagoSolution.COM. Coworking Space Jakarta – As workplaces shift and structure, small and large businesses are looking for solutions for new offices that are capable of modern and thriving.


Business partners workspace for this purpose by renting office space in a flexible pattern.


Coworking Space Jakarta


The sector is growing at an average rate of 23% / year since 2010. Coworking Space Business is a business opportunity today, are you interested and want to pursue it. If you already have the perfect idea for a Coworking Space Jakarta, then you are now ready to take the next step.



Plan Well For This Type Of Jakarta Coworking Space Business


Ideas are important for the success of a business that is started as a businessman. This will help the businessman map out the business in detail and see the opportunities that will exist.


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These Are Some Important Topics That Are Important To Consider When Starting a Jakarta Coworking Space Business, Namely:


  • What are the initial and ongoing costs?


  • Who is the target market for the business?


  • How long will it take to break even?


  • What is the name of the business and how is it branded?


How Much Is The Capital To Open a Common Coworking Space Business?


It is important to remember that the primary costs for renting a room are:


  • Furniture


  • Electrical and network equipment


  • Decorations


  • Other items (eg. garbage bags and toilet paper)


  • Insurance, etc


The best way to control costs so that costs can be managed is to start with a relatively small room (e.g. 1,800). square feet instead of 4,500 square feet).


This will help keep costs down while still allowing the business owner to get a special position, use more up-to-date equipment and have a good décor


The last-mentioned point should not be missed as it will have a significant effect on how many people consider using a shared workplace.


Coupled with the uniqueness of millennials who like some unique things or art. Long-term costs for co-working spaces normally accrue to pay rent, employee wages, high-speed internet fees, utility costs, and equipment maintenance costs.


Who Is The Target Market For This Coworking Space Business In Jakarta?


The target market for co-working spaces is business owners and professionals in Jakarta and its surroundings. Some of the larger workspaces cater to large companies with employees on the move, but a large number of newer spaces are concentrating on serving businesspeople, part-time employees, solopreneurs, and small business owners in local communities.




How Do Workspaces With Business Partners Make Money?


A special source of income from a coworker’s workspace is the subscription fee paid by the client in exchange for being able to use the space.


Many coworking space businesses rent discussion rooms, offer classes, and host events for additional sources of income.


How Much Profit Can This Coworking Space Make?


Coworking space Jakarta, a coworking space with business, provides a flexible office solution even though it is the same as Coworking Space in Tangerang but in the Capital City, Coworking Space business is promising very. Because they often have several subscription options. For example, the client can pay by the day, week, or month. The general fee for a monthly membership is 600k-700k.


A coworking space business can produce compact profits and can be done quickly. It must be understood that the source of income should not only rely on income from room rentals but collaborative and innovative events that can be used for millennial needs. It can also be combined with a cafe for snacks as well as a place to hang out in the Jakarta coworking space in particular.


Best Coworking Space Jakarta


Many coworking spaces charge more for a dedicated desk, office, or locker. Some charge a fee to use a face-to-face room, while others have included a meeting room.


Recommended Coworking Space Jakarta, Here are 7 Best Coworking Spaces In South Jakarta


Generally, coworking spaces in Jakarta are located in Central and South Jakarta, according to business centers and offices. But don’t worry, from several coworking spaces in South Jakarta, we have selected the 7 best coworking spaces that can be your basecamp for work. Either just occasionally, or monthly.


Check below for the full discussion!




CoHive is a coworking space in South Jakarta that has branches spread throughout Jakarta. They provide two types of workspaces, private rooms, and shared spaces.


If you are interested in spending time working here a full day, you can simply pay the price starting at 50,000 per day.


In South Jakarta, CoHive can be found in dozens of positions, ranging from Kuningan, Sudirman, Setiabudi, SCBD, to Kemang.




For those of you who live in the Kebayoran Baru area, you can choose Conclave as a coworking space in South Jakarta for you to visit. If you want to work here, you have to pay 100,000 every day.


However, if you seem to be going to Conclave often, they offer a special monthly package price for members. This package must be accompanied by various types of special benefits, including 24-hour access for members. The Conclave is located on Jalan Wijaya, Simatupang, Pondok Indah Artery, and SCBD.


Partners For the


The first time I came to Tebet, this coworking space in South Jakarta has become famous because it is in a strategic position in the group of young people. The price for a desk rental here is 110,000 per day, and there are monthly packages as well.


This place is an option for people who are engaged in the startup world, innovative, freelancers, and even students. Due to its success in Tebet, Mitra now has a branch in Senopati and many other positions in South Jakarta. Until now, Partners are still the choice of some people to do at moment.




If you are looking for a place to work that has a minimalist architectural form and is suitable for conducting workshops and moments, you can try to visit this coworking space in South Jakarta.


TierSpace offers a price of 40 thousand / hour, and they provide many facilities such as shared working rooms, lounge areas, meeting rooms, private suites, and smoking areas on the outdoor terrace. TierSpace is located at Jalan Bhakti, Kebayoran Baru.




Want to experience working in the SCBD area? Wellspaces is in the Equity Tower, and their table rental prices start at 110,000 per day. Except for renting a table, this coworking space in South Jakarta provides office space that can be rented per month.


So, it is very suitable for those of you who have a community or are new to starting a startup. Wellspaces itself often holds events, so you have many opportunities to network, or even meet investors. Except for SCBD, Wellspaces in South Jakarta is located in TB Simatupang, Kemang, and Tokopedia Tower.




Even though it has no relationship with another company named GoWork, GoWork is the most popular coworking space in Jakarta. Prioritizing attractive and contemporary designs, GoWork looks like an exclusive and comfortable office.


However, to work at GoWork all day you need to pay 125,000. In addition, GoWork offers monthly rentals or private office rentals for entrepreneurs who need a place for a permanent office. In South Jakarta, GoWork is located in Mega Kuningan, Setiabudi, Senayan City, and Cipete.


WeWorkarguably the


WeWork is the most successful coworking space in the world. Starting in New York, the first coworking space was built in 2010. And now it has several hundred positions in America, Europe, and Asia, including Indonesia.


Offer complete services typical of a startup Jakarta coworking space office in general. WeWork is generally the choice of many ex-pat startup employees. For that, it is appropriate to be a work basecamp for those of you who want to network with the international community. In South Jakarta, WeWork is located in SCBD, Kuningan, Setiabudi, and Cilandak.



Coworking Space Jakarta, best Coworking Space Jakarta, Coworking Space Jakarta Modern Property Business in Indonesia

Coworking Space Jakarta Modern Property Business in Indonesia – JagoSolution.COM

A Business With The Right Location Can Be The Best Opportunity For You To Do For Example Business This Jakarta Coworking Space


That’s a reference for a Jakarta coworking space that you can use as a place to work when on a business visit in Indonesia. Don’t forget to apply health procedures when working in a coworking space, okay?


Coworking Space Jakarta, 1 Best Property Business In Indonesia



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