5 Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Cheap Coworking Space Jakarta

By | 17/04/2022
Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Coworking Space Jakarta Barat, Coworking Space Jakarta, Idea Space Boston, Coworking Space Boston

Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Cheap, Affordable, Comfortable, Makes Visitors Feel At Home and Last Long


Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan is cheap, affordable, comfortable and makes you feel at home. Coworking Space Jakarta SelatanCoworking space is a comfortable place to work, even able to improve your mindset.


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The great thing is that working in a coworking space can make you forget that you are working. Many say, and just do the survey as well as IDC.



Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Coworking Space Jakarta Barat, Coworking Space Jakarta, Idea Space Boston, Coworking Space Boston

Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Coworking Space Jakarta Barat, Coworking Space Jakarta


Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan


Recently, around 36% percent of organizations in Indonesia have offices in coworking spaces. This is because in terms of comfort and convenience and of course it makes the spirit of work.


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Not only because it is convenient, the coworking space rental price is also relatively affordable and some can even be considered cheap.


Coworking Space South Jakarta


Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan or the nearest coworking space is one of the right and tempting choices. Especially for startup pioneers and the community, working in a coworking space will give birth to interesting ideas.


What are the advantages of working or doing tasks from the coworking space?


Make no mistake, if you are a freelance worker, or let’s say a student who needs a conducive place to do assignments. Or it could be, you are a young executive office worker feeling bored working from an office environment after a meeting outside. Well, this coworking space is the right place to be an option to get rid of work saturation even though we actually also work in a coworking space.


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It’s definitely different, my friend, to coworking space with office rentals in Jakarta in general. Of course, in the coworking space, there are many unique things that pamper the tenants who want to do tasks in the coworking space. No less interesting than others, of course, South Jakarta also provides a workplace and provides super fast internet facilities, free Wi-Fi, work desks, or lockers.


Don’t move just yet, continue reading interesting info on the coworking space Jakarta. In general, the coworking space environment in South Jakarta or others such as the Bekasi coworking space and the Depok coworking space also has several additional free facilities. Free coworking space facilities include drinking water, snacks, meeting rooms, some even provide game room facilities. The game room has video games, billiards, foosball, or a very comfortable rest room.




This is Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, Comfortable and Lots of Free


Most of Jakarta’s coworking spaces are located in the Central and South Jakarta areas. This is because, South Jakarta and Central Jakarta are central business areas and many offices.


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Don’t be confused, yes, it is true that there are a lot of Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan, this time we have selected the best closest coworking space, of course, it can be a dream basecamp to work in. As an illustration, before continuing to read, Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan that can be rented on an hourly basis or you can rent monthly as well.


The fun thing is, if you do assignments in a coworking space, you will meet great partners across companies. This is because every coworking space visitor has many workers from various other industrial agencies.


Of course, working in a coworking space will definitely open up the best opportunity to expand your networking network and of course get to know many people. Yes, at least get to know people in coworking spaces who are in the same profession as us, add friends, add experience, get smarter.


Coworking Space in South Jakarta – Indonesia


The following is a review of the South Jakarta coworking spaceCoworking Space Jakarta Selatan.


WeWork Coworking Space Jakarta


Coworking space Jakarta WeWork, this coworking space is arguably one of the most successful affordable coworking spaces in the world. This is because, starting from New York City, America, the coworking space was first established around 2010. However, currently WeWork has hundreds of coworking spaces located between continents. Among them are opening coworking spaces in America, Europe, and Asia, one of which is in Indonesia.


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The concept offered by the WeWork coworking space is quite stunning, has complete facilities and of course is very thick with the interior of a startup office in general. In this coworking space, WeWork is the place of choice for many expat startups. Maybe because it is very suitable to be used as a base camp for work and also for networking with the international community. No wonder, if the coworking space in Jakarta WeWork is quite famous in its home country.


The following is the address for the South Jakarta WeWork coworking space, which is located at SCBD, Jl. Gen. Sudirman No. 52-53, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta, JK 12190.


GoWork – Coworking Space Jakarta


Don’t get me wrong, the following Jakarta coworking spaces are not affiliated with other companies, right? Although this GoWork coworking space uses a name prefixed with the word “Go”. Please note that GoWork is a well-known coworking space in Jakarta from the many popular coworking spaces.


With the appearance of an elegant and modern style coworking space design, GoWork is able to attract potential users of the Jakarta coworking space. Of course, with a look like a luxurious office and super comfortable facilities. This is able to make GoWork coworking space users feel pampered even though they work with a myriad of jobs to be completed. No wonder, if GoWork continues, because the price for renting a Jakarta coworking space here is quite affordable. To work all day at GoWork, you only need to spend Rp. 125,000 to pay for it.


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For those who feel at home and want to continue working in Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan , GoWork facilitates by renting on a monthly basis. What’s more, if you want to rent a private office in general, entrepreneurs who need an office can still rent it monthly at Gowork. This is the address for the GoWork cCoworking Space Jakarta Selatan, GoWork locations in Mega Kuningan, Setiabudi, Senayan City, and Cipete.


Wellspaces – Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan


It’s cool, those who want to experience working or working in an elite SCBD area can do it. Prospective coworking space tenants can come to this one Jakarta coworking space, Wellspaces to be exact. Wellspaces itself has a strategic address, namely at the Equity Tower. The rental price for Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan is also still quite affordable. No need to worry about making oversized pockets, just spend a range of IDR 110,000 per day. That price is still affordable for the size of a well-known coworking space in Jakarta, of course.


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The services in this South Jakarta Wellspaces joint workspace are also quite complete. Not just renting a work desk, coworking space in South Jakarta has office space facilities, of course, you can rent it monthly. This coworking space is perfect for those of you who have a group of communities or have just started a startup business.


The good news is, at Wellspaces there are also frequent events. Of course, for those of you who have great opportunity points to join networking. In the end, you will meet clients or investors, then your business will continue to be stable. Actually, there are several coworking space locations other than SCBD. The Wellspaces coworking space in South Jakarta has the locations of TB Simatupang, Tokopedia Tower and Kemang.


TierSpace – Coworking Space Jakarta


For those of you who are looking for a cheap coworking space or coworking space that has a minimalist architectural design. Or, looking for a place to hold workshops and events, you can try the Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan following


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TierSpace is the name, a cheap Jakarta coworking space that only costs around IDR 40,000 per hour. Apart from that, TierSpace also has many interesting facilities. These attractive facilities, shared working space, meeting rooms, private suites, lounge area, and smoking area of ​​course on the outside terrace.


As for the location itself, TierSpace is on Jalan Bakti, Kebayoran Baru.


Kolega – Coworking Space In Tebet


Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan is quite popular. This is because, right in a strategic location, it is certainly suitable for young people. Colleagues’ coworking space, its presence in Tebet gives its own color for young teenagers. To rent a coworking space from a colleague, visitors must rent a work desk and chair at a rental price of IDR 110,000 per day. Generally, like other coworking spaces in South Jakarta, monthly packages are also available.


In this coworking space location, it is one of the preferred locations for startup businesses, freelancers, creatives and students to do their campus assignments.


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Quite successful in the Tebet area, the coworking space Kolega now has a coworking space branch in Senopati. In addition, there are also several other places of course opening a coworking space in the South Jakarta area. Until now, the Colleagues’ coworking space is still one of the favorite places for many people to hold events.




Information Cover for Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Cheap Affordable Comfortable


How have you found your dream of working in Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan ? Don’t just dream, just go to the South Jakarta coworking space to do work if the idea is stuck in the office or at home.


With this information about the Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan , it is hoped that it can provide interesting information and add insight to coworking space seekers in Jakarta – Indonesia.


In a coworking space, of course, you can find a comfortable, cool and affordable place to work. The term being late at work is natural, one solution is to restore enthusiasm for office work or look for ideas, one of which is working in the nearest coworking space.

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