Coworking Space, 1 Cheap Office Rental Business Ready to Use

By | 12/04/2022
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Coworking Space, Ready-to-Use Office Space Rental Service Business Property Business Promising Future Prospects


Coworking Space, Cheap Office Rental Business Ready to Use – Coworking Space Nearby Cheap. property business coworking space currently continues to be the most affordable choice.


One of the most promising prospects for the property business is Developing the Nearest Coworking Space Business Services. For example, you can check the Bali coworking spaces.


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In principle, this business model is engaged in leasing office space for business activists, especially for start-ups and business owners.



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Coworking Space


Before continuing with information about the type of business property for renting ready-to-use office space in the future, we try to share information on the business of google ads advertising services, hopefully, it can inspire.


What is Coworking Space? What is the Coworking Space?


The beginning of Coworking Space comes from English which means collaboration or cooperation. The point is, that this term refers to a place to work with a workspace method with other people with different work backgrounds and companies.


The existence of the Coworking Space is expected to be a place for digital nomads to exchange knowledge and ideas to improve digital services.


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So, everyone can socialize and exchange creative ideas with employees, entrepreneurs, and founders of their industry.


The Advantages of Running a Business, Cheap Ready-to-Use Office Space Rental Nearby Coworking Space


When compared to office space rentals, this office is more unique, attractive, and up-to-date. This kind of atmosphere is created so that workers can be more creative and always enthusiastic at work.


Disadvantages of Running the Nearest Coworking Space Business


In a coworking space, the person sitting next to you can become a rival for your startup business. Remember, ready-to-use office space is a gathering place for startup organizers. Not to create several businessmen with the same type of business.


So that they don’t eavesdrop on new conversations or inspiration, renting a closed meeting room can be a very wise choice to deal with this problem.



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Nearby Coworking Space Business Opportunities


The sources of income for the co-working space rental business are quite diverse, not limited to one source. In the same launch, the largest revenue sources were table rentals (61%), accompanied by meeting room rentals (10%), food and beverage sales (5%), workshop ticket sales (5%), and virtual office services (3%) .


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Starting a modern office rental business in your city, you can apply the information presented in the report above. It is estimated that the figure of 40% of players who profit is obtained because so far they have only focused on doubling the place, not because of an unprofitable business.


How to Start a Coworking Space Business Nearby in Your City


Ever had an idea to start this property business? but confused about where to start? To make it easier for you to design this business, here is a to-do list that you can do.


Find the Right Property Position


Before starting a coworking space rental business, all you need to do is make a property of the right size. The maximum area is needed to accommodate coworking members and can help you as an owner to grow. A workspace size of 100 to 280 m2 may be too small for a coworking space business.


Set Visionary Goals


You must have clear goals in the co-working space business. Otherwise, those who arrive at the Coworking Space are random people with no clear purpose. A good co-working space has a set of values ​​that can attract a community to become a member.


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Whatever the goal, create and gather a community of shared workspaces, or anything else that will have a major impact on your business strategy going forward. As your business grows, innovation is certainly worth trying.


Selection of the Nearest Strategic Coworking Space Position


Don’t be tempted by affordable property rental prices. Before signing the rental agreement, make sure you know the exact location, will it be easy for prospective members of the nearest Coworking Space to access it later? If it is difficult, it is worth looking for other options.


Sorting out positions far from transportation access is an aspect of failure in the coworking space business, especially before it starts. You’ll need over 80% occupancy to run this business in the early stages, and renting a property in a remote zone won’t help.


Mapping Coworking Space in Your City


Gaining in-depth knowledge of the coworking business in your city will greatly help the growth of this business. For example, in Jakarta, there is Coworking Space Jakarta, a coworking space rental service business that contributed 17% of revenue in the real estate zone in the first half of 2018. How about your city?


If you have trouble finding information, you can ask for encouragement from the closest Coworking Space manager, for example, Coworking Space Boston, and see what information they have. Alternatively, you can also ask questions through forums on Google or LinkedIn regarding the growth of the Indonesian co-working space rental service industry.


Prepare the Nearest Coworking Space Development Fund


Financial planning is an integral aspect of the coworking space rental service business in Indonesia. What to consider in your business finances? Here’s the list.


  • Amount of Funds to build a co-working space


  • Prepare your money capital to be spent


  • Analysis of the profitable points


  • Expected monthly income


  • Potential loss of co-working space


  • Business Emergency plan for co-working space business


Indeed, the figures obtained from these calculations are only estimates but are always mandatory based on comprehensive information and studies.


Constraints in Running a Coworking Service Business The Nearest Comfortable Coworking Space in General


Running a shared office rental business has many obstacles, but the obstacles are not big. There is no clear nomenclature that categorizes the rental of co-working spaces in certain business units.


The reason is, that the joint office rental business is different from office rental service providers, hotels, and especially restaurants. This raises doubts for tax officials or coworking business activists.


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According to the Indonesian Coworking Space Association, what is related to the business world is that many government agencies do not yet understand the concept of a virtual office.




Coworking Space Information Cover, Cheap Office Rental Business Ready to Use


That was the description that discussed information about ” Coworking Space, Cheap Office Rental Business Ready to Use. Hopefully, the information that we present this time can help and can provide good benefits.


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