Dry Food Supplier Singapore, 12 Awesome Future Food Companies

By | 13/04/2022
Dry Food Supplier Singapore, 12 Awesome Future Food Companies

Dry Food Supplier Singapore, Future Food Companies


Dry Food Supplier Singapore, 12 Future Food Companies. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – The need to keep your backroom available is well understood by restaurant owners and food service employees.


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Shipping your dry goods in bulk allows you to stay on top of your busy schedule and be prepared for whatever may arise. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for companies that can meet and exceed your expectations.




Dry Food Supplier Singapore


Check out the best dry food providers in Singapore.


Yuan Sang


Yuan Sang has developed over the past 50 years, but their philosophy remains the same. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – They sell a huge range of dried fish and other delicious items. Providing you with high-quality, delicious, nutrient-dense food that comes straight from the farm.


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Yuan Sang is a major provider of dried fish, dried food, nuts and spices to Singapore’s food industry. They value all of their valued partners and believe in building strong working relationships with them. This allows them to gain a better knowledge of their company’s needs and provides smart and cost-effective solutions that save time and effort, enabling them to concentrate on what matters most.


Dried Food SG


Buan Seng Boon Kee has been devoted to providing honest and high quality dry food to its consumers since 1967. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – In the third generation, their principles have remained unchanged.


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That’s why their diverse customers ranging from hawkers, canteens, restaurants, retail stores, and people from all walks of life rely on them to provide consistently outstanding service.


Teck Sang


Their way of life has evolved over time, and is no longer the same as it was decades ago. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – Fitness, mental health and healthy living as a lifestyle have never been so popular. This shift in customer behavior and tastes is seen by Teck Sang, a provider of traditional Chinese culinary components.


This is why they are looking for ways to improve the way their cuisine is served by providing an experience tailored to the demands of today’s generation. They wanted to give a modern twist to traditional flavors while respecting their long and illustrious history. They think that by providing a variety of healthy and high-quality foods at people’s fingertips, they will help them lead a better life.


Walson Food Distributor Pte Ltd


Dry Food Supplier Singapore – Walson Food Distributor Pte Ltd, founded in 1998, is one of Singapore’s leading food service companies, distributing a wide range of confectionery, food and beverage to various business units, including F&B and hospitality facilities, wholesale, and exports.


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Walson Food Distributors Pte Ltd is a reliable distributor with a reputation for dedicated service and on-time delivery. Many shoppers use Walson’s unusual distribution technique to break up bulking to meet their food consumption and storage capacity. Walson Food Distributors Pte Ltd is based in Tampines and serves customers in the food service industry throughout Singapore.


With more than 20 years of expertise in the Singapore food distribution business and an innovative spirit, our main goal is to have a thorough knowledge of the demands and expectations of our valued clients.


They may not offer the widest selection of food items in every category, but they have been entrusted with helping foodservice customers around the world. Walson Food Distributors Pte Ltd will provide you with the scalable choice of food products you need.



Dry Food Supplier Singapore, Awesome Future Food Companies

Dry Food Supplier Singapore, Awesome Future Food Companies


Foodsterr Foodsterr


‘s goal is to help you eat healthier. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – Foodsterr was created to share their stuff with you – home cooks, bakers, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone else interested in a good meal. They have searched for high quality cuisine all over the world. They love to uphold the greatest levels of quality, freshness, value and customer service.


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Make your own granola for breakfast, quinoa for lunch, and a bag of raw almonds in your bag for a snack anytime. Better eating can happen every day with their nutritious and inexpensive products.


Spectrum Ingredients Pte Ltd


Spectrum Ingredients Pte Ltd is committed to providing high quality, innovative ingredients to the Southeast Asian food and beverage sector. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – They provide high quality goods at reasonable prices with attentive service. Their mission is to provide unmatched value to all of their clients, from small businesses to large corporations.


Spectrum Ingredients are able to import and distribute in large quantities due to their wide and loyal client base in Southeast Asia, guaranteeing that their customers receive fresh goods on time and at the lowest prices.




A group of pioneer fruit and vegetable importers in Singapore founded the Singapore Fruit and Vegetable Exporters and Importers Association (SFVA) in 1948. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – The group had only seventeen members at the time, and its head office was located at Carpenter Jalan, in one of Singapore’s early wholesale markets.


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In 1983, when many importers and distributors of fruit, vegetables, preserves, and dry foodstuffs migrated to the newly completed (located) Pasir Panjang Wholesale Center, SFVA also moved its associate office to a new Center off the West Coast highway.


Best One Food Products Pte. Ltd.


Their goal is to create cheap and accessible food to help their community. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – They try to give consumers a variety of healthy options. They are committed to offering the highest level of service in the culinary business.


They will make continuous improvements in all parts of their business to build long-term trusting relationships with their customers, clients and suppliers.


Sun Kee


Sun Kee Pte Ltd, a company specializing in the import and export of food, was founded in 1948. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – They represent a wide variety of high quality goods from Asia and Europe, and develop their own brands. We have a wide variety of items, including abalone, canned meat, ginseng, seafood, and snacks, among others. They are also the exclusive representative for most of the multinational companies they represent in Singapore.


Sun Kee is broad, including traditional wholesale, retail, food and beverage, and developed e-commerce platforms. Their sales area covers the whole island of Singapore. Not only are they confident, passionate, and serious about their work, but they also demonstrate professionalism and compassion, as well as a commitment to building mutually beneficial partnerships with an active and focused team.


Their ambition is to build solid and lasting partnerships with more customers and industry partners, with the aim of becoming the most respected and renowned food importer in Singapore!



Dry Food Supplier Singapore, Awesome Future Food Companies

Dry Food Supplier Singapore, Awesome Future Food Companies


Soon Seng Food Industry


Soon Seng opened its first factory at Wan Lee Road in 1992. Production moved to a new, larger factory at Quality Road in 2015. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – This new facility was specially developed and designed to meet the growing market demand. It contains five flour silos with a total storage capacity of over 100 tons. Automated machines are built with a specific set of applications in mind.


Soon Seng has specialized staff with extensive knowledge in the art of noodle production. Knowledgeable and experienced staff in various Food Compliance and Food Standards.


New Island Food Supplier


New Island Food Supplier, supplier and distributor of sea cucumbers, fish belly and swiftlet nests, was formed in 2006. Dry Food Supplier Singapore – Their company has more than 30 years of expertise in this sector and works with a number of sea cucumber, fish belly and processing plants and swiftlet nests on various islands in Indonesia.


Sea cucumbers, fish belly and bird’s nest are some of their specialties. Their company is known for its dedication to quality, service and client happiness, backed by a strong focus on after-sales support. They are based in Singapore, which is strategically positioned at the intersection of key commercial routes between Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. It is renowned for having the most open economy in the world.


Nature’s Glory


Nature’s Glory offers a truly unique and special range of products. Its organic and macrobiotic foods, health supplements, ionic water filtration systems, health and beauty products are among the best in the world, produced by careful research, and with regional and international representation.


Dry Food Supplier Singapore – Nature’s Glory is Singapore’s online organic food store, offering a wide range of dry food products. , including organic berries and raisins. Every product is NASA certified, safe for consumption and has passed stringent organic tests. The product is also non-GMO and free from fumigation, microwave and radiation.


source : finestservices.com.sg

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